Tuesday, December 7, 2010

something's gotta give

we're still waiting to find out if the judge will approve our son's attorney's request to be able to leave the state for a treatment center in Florida. This place will take our insurance...be paid in full ! However, in the meantime....D has to go to see the pre-trial person tomorrow....and possibly be drug tested. I don't know that it will go well,...as I know that he originally tested positive for weed, so it must now go down in the level or he could be put in jail tomorrow. Obviously, I can't think that would help his case, either. Honestly, I don't want him to go to jail tomorrow, nor be convicted of this charge he's up against,....but if it works for him to leave for Florida for treatment, I would be thrilled, despite him being there for Christmas. How amazed would I have been years ago to think that I'd ever be thrilled/relieved to think of D being away at a drug treatment center for Christmas, instead of being home with us ? That's an indicator right there, that something's gotta give............


  1. I hope they allow this - its what is best for him and the fact that your insurance covers it all is HUGE! Please let us know when you find out. My fingers are crossed. I think this would be a great direction for D.

  2. I am hoping that it will work out. Let us know the outcome.