Monday, May 27, 2013

it's been a loooong time since I said hello !

I never did show you all these - D came through last September, was truly miraculous,...and it was the prompt that began his recovery from crack.  I'll never get over it, but it sure was answer to our constant prayers !   I known I really need to  update this blog - and will hopefully do so soon.  Just felt like it would be a good idea today to post something positive,...for truly, would never have believed this could happen as it has unfolded, unless I'd seen it all with my own eyes.  D has a ways to go - but is 8 MONTHS clean from crack - which was like the devil himself and would have killed him if he'd continued - or at the very least, put him into prison.  I am THANKFUL THANKFUL THANKFUL & really attribute it to the blessings of God upon him.  He's still developing into the person he was born to be,..but is getting better every day - in many ways. 

   As far as these pictures go - I accidentally posted one of them twice and can't seem to delete one of them.  And yes - those guys with their pants down are our Aussie guests - apparently this is a tradition when a certain song comes on.  We had no idea !!  Really took us by surprise.  They were definitely a fun bunch, and we enjoyed getting to know them and spend time with them.  38 Australians came over for the wedding - which amazes me to this day.  : )

           Thinking of all of you and yours today - keeping on praying for the recovery of all of our much beloved addicts.  Miracles do happen !