Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amazing Grace...he's on his way

By the grace of God, D is on his way to Florida...he's already arrived in Charlotte and is waiting for his connecting flight. We(his dad and I) took him to the airport this morning, was all a positive feeling along the way there. We stood and watched him walk away until we couldn't see him anymore, then turned and walked out of the airport and into the car to drive home. Neither one of us said a word for was like we both felt numb. We didn't feel relief or happiness or anything right away...not what we had expected. Last night, we went out to dinner together, D and us two, and afterward, he sat and talked to us and got very emotional....crying and crying, not what he's done for a long time. The overwhelming theme of all that he said was about his own shame....that he can't believe that he became this person that he now is....someone that mistreats other people, is only about himself and getting drugs. He talked about how hard it was to even say good bye to many friends that he'd have liked to have seen....that he was very embarassed in front of his peers...that others that he knows...people that "party" aren't messed up the way he is. It was a sad thing to see,...but the complete defeat that he was communicating was a good thing, I think. I know that we only have today....we don't know what will happen later. But...we never have that anyway,....any of us. For this moment, today, he is heading in the right direction....and I'm thankful. I appreciate the support from those of you who have commented to me.

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