Saturday, December 18, 2010

he's baaack

O.K, it's late Sat. afternoon....he did return,...upstairs sleeping at the moment...ugh. But, the plan is that we will go out to dinner at a local Mexican place in about an hour,...D, my husband, and me. His older brother opted out for dinner, busy(which he is) getting some things ready for his friend's party tonight. He does DJing, so he's helping to set it all up. But, he knows his brother is leaving tomorrow too,....and of all people, the older brother, M, has really done so much for D and hung in there for so long for him...helping him in many ways. He used to even drive him to his counseling appts. and sit in the parking lot for an hour and wait for him,...many a 23 yr. old wouldn't do that for their younger sibling who kept screwing up over and over. By now, he's pretty detached....he is a great example of "loving detachment". I know he prays for him and I know he loves him...but he's totally backed out of having anything really to do with him, including getting involved in any conversations about him with us. I surely don't blame him for that. Addiction just ripples across everyone around it......

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