Thursday, December 16, 2010

making an exit plan

He's planning to go,....agrees to leave on Sunday. We're making flight arrangements. Even though I didn't say anything about it,...he said that he planned to be away from here for a long time....that's good. Meanwhile, the attorney's office called and said that he now doesn't even have to be there tomorrow morning for a pretrial hearing....that the officer wasn't available (good) and that a continuance will be issued....for at least 30 days, 'til D can come back from treatment for a trial. I'm hoping it will be continued even longer, but am not going to worry about that now. I feel very grateful that he's going and planning to work on his recovery. One step at a day at a time. This really feels like a Christmas gift to me...even though I hate that he'll be gone for Christmas,...the 2nd one he's missed because of being in treatment,...3 yrs ago, he was also gone. I want our son back ,...not this cocaine addict who is miserable and insensitive to others, yet can't stop himself. He told me ...."it's like I don't even like to do cocaine...but I have to do it." "Every day I wake up and pledge that I won't....but it doesn't work" Praise God that he's getting out of here.


  1. This is great news. My son told me not all that long ago that he doesn't even get a high anymore but he can't stop using. I never have figured that out.

    I was always in such peace when my son was in a program.

    This is truly a blessing and a gift from the Creator. Merry Christmas and prayers for his full recovery. It can happen and this just may be the time.

  2. thank you VJ,...thank you. I think that the drug makes those changes in their brains that are then programmed to to crave and seek it becomes a negative physically prompted/motivated behavior. And yes, I totally believe this IS from our answer to lots of prayer, by many who love him.

  3. My brother, whose daughter is a recovering drug addict (2+ years clean...very regular life now...yeah), always reminded me that each step in treatment/rehab built on the last one. I believe this, as my son went through four or five rehab experiences to get where he is today ... 14 months clean.

    This is such a blessing for you. You will have many Christmas holidays with him in the future, if he is willing to make the most out of this wonderful opportunity!

  4. I agree Lisa....and it's such a source of hope right now. And btw, got to see cool !!!!! I'd love to see you both ! I have followed your blog for a long time....along with so many others,...and finally just now began to blog myself. I'm hoping you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for the encouragement.