Friday, December 16, 2011

Can Ya Believe It ????

Guess who has 6 MONTHS CLEAN tomorrow ???? Yep,.... My D is doing it,.... Which he's never got to before, totally & beautifully clean ! ( well, except cigarettes). And guess who's gone to at least 5 meetings, usually more, a week, is working the steps, etc., & removed himself from all that he knew when he used during the whole time ? No coincidence.

Now, if we could only be with him for Christmas ,...quite bummed about that, but in light of his progress I'm working on just being very grateful. More later,....I've been a terrible lax blogger lately,..but have kept up with yours. Peace & recovery to all whom we love.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad News

    Got a phone call this afternoon from my mother in law.  She wanted to talk to Steve/my husband,....asked if he had his cell phone.  He'd just left for the gym...hadn't taken his phone with him. I said I could go to the gym and get him,'s not far from our house.  She said, "yes,...if you could, and have him call me. "  I asked if she was o.k,. and she said she was,...that it was kind of a long story.  I knew right then it wasn't good, obviously. For her to even let me "trouble myself" to go and get him (which it wasn't any trouble to do),..., my heart sank right then.   I did get him, he called her...and the bottom line is what we feared.  Boopa's biopsy results are back and it's cancer.  : (     I don't know if that's pancreatic cancer, or liver cancer...or what, but obviously, it's very terrible news.  We now wait to hear results of more tests that are being done.    They did say it was in the early stage.    We've already decided to go up there this year  now for Christmas.   I'm hoping we can get D home from Florida to be with all of us. That just depends upon him getting off from work.    I am hating the thought of telling our daughter in Australia.  This will be very tough for her to hear.  She absolutely adores him, and it's very hard to be as far away as she is and hear this type of news.  Thanks again for listening.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ups, Downs, and Gratitude good as our Boopa seemed to be doing.....scary stuff happened today.  This morning, he went to the bathroom at the hospital and on the way back to bed,...passed out. Once back in bed, he began to vomit a lot of blood, and it wasn't good, in a big way.  He was put into ICU, and required a transfusion, due to the loss of so much blood.  My husband, Steve, texted this to me at work...and I tried to pray as much as I could, while doing what was needed with my surrounding 2nd graders. 

  It ended up that the doctors had to go in and again do the procedure that was needed to originally remove his blocked duct, find where the internal bleeding originated.  Fortunately, they were able to do that,  ...put in 2 staples and cauterized the area of bleeding...then back to the ICU for at least 48 hr.s.. After that,  he should be moved back to a regular room or  "released and sent home"...aagh.   I don't really like the sound of that already...but also know that the hospital is not really the place you want to be....healthwise/ possibilty of infection, etc..

  But geeze....what he's been through...mind you, starting out as weak and jaundiced as he was, wouldn't be an easy process for someone younger and much stronger...never mind a weak and jaundiced 85 yr. old.   My poor mother in law....what a tough day or number of days, she's had,...that's an understatement.  She is very oriented to anxiety as it is....never mind this.  Speaking of that....that whole part of the family is the link to a lot anxiety...with her and many of her side,...D comes by that very honestly/genetically.

   That's the latest....and we're grateful he's still with us.  Again...thanks for listening !!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

got it done.....hallelujah

Well,...D texted tonight....said he'd just left Goodwill and FINALLY got his community service hours DONE, prior to the Dec. 7th deadline.....yaaay !!   IF he hadn't finished on time, it would have meant a year in jail !  After all he's been through,....after all we've been through, and how far he's come, and how forunate he was to not end up with a felony charge for cocaine and having it reduced to a sure would have been nuts to have let this not get done.  He only had 25 hours of community service to do !!   He's had 6 MONTHS within which to do it......and yet...the last week.  OK, OK, I know...he got it done,...I will focus on that but still....geeze.   Now, hopefully he'll get the documentation to the right people on time....aagh.

    On another note....and a thankful one, my father in law continues to improve and is doing well, other than a high white blood cell count.  Of course, I don't like to hear that....but will remain positive as we wait for the biopsy results.  Thanks for your prayers,...and thanks for "listening".  : )