Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blessings ~ hoping to get help

well...FINALLY, we found out mid afternoon today that the judge approved amending the bond so that D can go to treatment in Florida ! He can go to a good place (we're hoping) that is PAID for by our all know how amazing that is ! Even if it's just for 3 or 4 weeks...hoping it's MUCH will get him out of here and give him a start. Of course, despite the fact that we've been discussing it, now that it actually was approved today, I told him about it,...and that's where the balking started. He became agitated etc., said that now he doesn't want to go,...that I've "really screwed him" by getting this all approved and going forward,etc.. He even said that he was so sick of having to go to a rehab with some charge hanging over his head....geez, ya think ? We're pretty damn sick of that too! I didn't let his agitation upset me though, and told him to calm down and THINK & also go and take his medicine and I'll talk to him in a little while. He did(take his medicine...Abilify, AMAZINGLY helpful for him)..and in about 45 min.s , called me back..I was still at work. He was much more reasonable, not angry any more, said he would go,...even though he "doesn't really want to or feel like it." Man, I do a LOT that I really don't feel like having to do, don't you ? Well, I can't think that his addiction is going to be challenged without a fight, be expected when dealing with this hellish disease. He is so bad off right now....when I deal with him, a lot of the time, I just look at him and think that I'm dealing with a sick person,...and it helps me when he's talking about things that are terrible but he mentions as if they're pretty normal....certain people who he knows of in jail, someone he knows of and what drugs they used, ...yada, yada, ugh. Then, in between, he's often semi normal acting,....and we even have some nice talks, sometimes a laugh,'d have to be here and see what I mean. I'm not able to really describe it well enough here.
On Friday morning, he must go before the judge for a pre trial hearing, where the charges are read and a plea is entered. Then....he'll (HOPEFULLY) be leaving for Florida on Fri. afternoon or Saturday. My prayers of thanks are going to be also joined by prayers for him to continue to be willing to leave for Florida and begin treatment. I will not breathe out any sighs of relief until we can get his butt onto that plane. Of course, I/we realize how much that any treatment is only the very beginning of an attempt for recovery. But, right now, that beginning will give me hope. D being in treatment and willing to work on his recovery would be a wonderful Christmas gift, as far as I'm concerned.


  1. I think this is good news! I know a few people who have kids with charges in FL and FL isn't known to agree to rehab or a program.. so that's progress! We all know when addicts are backed into a corner, they tend to want to fight.. so probably your son is reacting and hopefully he will learn to not react so quickly in the program. Best of luck to him and Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Yes, when I am talking with my son and he saying things that make me crazy I just imagine him with a hat and on it is "I Have a Disease!" Each time I did that I felt a sense of calm and I didn't go "NUTS."

    In prayer for you and his successful trip and recovery in FL