Saturday, December 18, 2010


yes,'s early Sat. afternoon now....and D is currently MIA/missing in action. : ( Last I heard from him was when he texted me last night while he was out with friends....saying he'd be home later on. He is all booked onto the flight for Florida tomorrow,....but not yet around today. I can only pray that he's still sleeping (even though it's almost 2 p.m.) and will soon call or show up. The sleeping until 2 is certainly not unheard of, as most of you probably can relate to all too well. As I said....until we can actually get him on that plane tomorrow, I really can't be sure of what he'll do. Still praying that can happen.

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  1. Ekkk. What's the update? Has he been found? Hope he makes it back in time for his flight. If not, you know it's his choice...