Saturday, June 11, 2011

Going forward ....again

 Well, no drama to report since the last post....isn't that nice ?  Since D got back to FLA. again, things seem to be going well. Of course, my info. is all obtained via D, so it's not like I necessarily know for sure, given the source and how recently he'd lied to us. But, then again, I've become quite skilled at having a feel for things with him, after a multiple years training program.  

  D is doing well and sounds very happy in the new sober living house, which just so happens, is much closer to where he works....good thing...less gas $.  He knew the people (at least most of them) in that house already, since he's been in the area since last Dec. and going to meetings since Jan..  He is quite connected with people in the area in recovery, so already knew the house manager before he moved in there, which is how he got a spot right away on last Sun. night. One big difference in the new house is that it's not just males, like his old house.....that gave me pause.  I just hate to see him get involved with a girl in early recovery.  And, even though it's less than a week, he's already talking about some girl that lives in his house who's like his "best friend",...and also happens to be "so hot".  Sigh.  He never did have problems getting a girlfriend,...just hope he focuses more on working on his recovery....and wouldn't it be great if sometime he could have a non addict girlfriend ?   He actually used to have those,...back when he was still living home....but they'd never last because he could never quit using. 

   He just sounds very very happy,...but that makes me feel a bit of concern though, although not as much as when he's depressed and miserable,..not even close.  My concern is that whole pink cloud thing,....who was it just discussing this on a blog ?  I mean, geez....he was just miserable and sobbing on the phone on Sun. night.....that's him though, so zero to 60.  I do know that when he is really working on his recovery, he's so happy about it,...that's been consistent every time. He did say he'd also been struggling too, but is getting through it each day. I know he's having a lot of support in that effort by the house manager helping him, as well, of course, by his sponsor. 

   He is going to start on the Naltrexone, so I'm very interested to see how that will go....if he feels a difference, etc..  I did hear that it can cause fatigue, but now that he does take medication for ADHD again (Vyvanse), which is a stimulant, that should help with fatigue.  He'd forgotten (I hadn't) how much the Vyvanse helped him. When he started taking it again, he texted me and said..."oh my God, the Vyvanse is's so much easier for me to be at work,..amazing".   Ever since he was little and first took medication for ADHD, I used to think he should be on a commercial for helps him so very very much.  He's sensitive to a substance.....geez,...ya think ?  So, that can work in both ways....for the negative (as we all know so well), but also positively, when he takes a legitimate medication to help make his brain work in the correct way.       I see that as a teacher so much....with ADD/ADHD.  I look at the kids who are so affected by it...whose parents won't give them medication that could help them, ...and as a result, they continue to struggle and feel bad about themselves.  And I many of them will become addicts ?  Meanwhile, if they had asthma or something else, their parents would give them medication for that in a heartbeat....even something new that just came on the market,...compared with something that's been used for such a long time as the medications used to treat ADHD.  O.K., my soapbox here on that, but the media has put out so much misleading info. to the public on ADHD that it really saddens me.  We have a long way to go until it's understood without the misconceptions that are so common. 

     So, for now....for today, I'm feeling a sense of relief, and hope it's not short lived, because we really could use it, after these years.  Of course, of course....I don't think that it's not going to continue to be a significant struggle for D.  I'm just enjoying today...and hopefully, the weekend.  I'm just LOVING that he doesn't have ANY court date looming in the future right now. WOW. There have only been 3 mo.s since June 2008 that he didn't have court dates coming up and those 3 yr.s of that weighing on us (at least for me) was always a worry. His active using (ugh, and dealing), and the chaos and pain related to that was even worse though.     It feels weird to know that he doesn't have court coming.  He does have to get the comm. svc. hours (only 25) done , and mail the documentation to prove it up to the court here though.   I'm going to try to not mention it to him and see if he'll mention it to me.  I know this is pathetic, but it won't be easy for me to not ask him about that. 

   I hope that we all can have some peace this least for a couple of days.  For those of you whose addict children are surely using, or  you don't know where they are, that peace is so much more elusive. I know it so well.  I keep all of our children in my prayers for lasting recovery. 


  1. Meds are challenging, and I believe they are part of the equation for most addicts. Throw in the fact they don't give accurate history, aren't compliant, and have constantly changing doctors because they are using public (free) health services. I used to think it was a hopeless mess. Now I know it takes perseverance and tenacity on the part of the addict and the family.

    You are also SO right about doing research, and not listening to everything you hear. I was told suboxone didn't work for hard core, long term addicts. My son and JustFrankie were both, and they are both clean today with it's help. I'm interested in how the Naltrexone works out. An addict should use every tool they can find. "Rock bottom" is a myth, and means death for some.

  2. yes Lou,...I agree....and the devil's in the details. That's the case for so many things. It's not hopeless,..since it's a brain disease, getting the brain balanced again and working as "normally" as possible is key. The huge challenge is getting drugs they're using to get high out of them first, for long enough to try to get help for their brain in a good way.

  3. What's the difference between an addict and someone who takes prescription medication that is physically addicting? Honestly? If I went to one of these pill-mills tomorrow and got a doctors prescription for oxycodone, would that make me not an addict anymore? I've taken Vyvanse and it's great stuff, no question. But is a doctor's note the only thing it takes to turn a substance (amphetamine) from "drugs" to "legitimate medication"? I'm not trying to be rude, just asking.


  4. Vyvanse isn't physically addicting,....not that I'm aware of or have ever heard of it being. Yes, it's an amphetamine, but not physically addicting. He's been on it before, and gone off it...with zero problem,...not at all any issue. My husband also takes it and isn't physically addicted to it either. And no, a doctor's note isn't the only thing ....not at all the thing that makes a drug/medication addicting. I have a prescription for Imitrex for migraines...that I take occasionally when I have one. I have no concern about becoming addicted to it, for it's not addictive, although does relieve pain. However, if a doctor wanted to prescribe me Percocet for a migraine, I would have very significant concerns about it being addictive,...nor would I take it.

    Why is it I feel that you really already know this anyway ? I find it hard to believe that you believe what you wrote about. Our son has ADHD and has never in any way tried to use Vyvanse to "get high", or do anything other than take it as prescribed. Actually, the issue only has been for him to try to remember to take it. I think you may have taken it in another way ? For instance, it's not your prescription, is it ?

    And no, if you got a prescription for Oxy, it wouldn't make you any less of an addict. You certainly know that.
    Our son's drug of choice is cocaine....but he's working on being in recovery. It's still a very hard road that he's walking. You won't get away from Oxy by yourself....but I know you've heard that before and don't believe it. He knows he can't ever stay in recovery alone, without help from others. Neither can you. You just don't know it yet.

  5. pray and give him to God. let him continue on his road to recovery and with your support, he'll probably make it. good luck!