Wednesday, April 6, 2011

getting closer

Well...D comes back here again this coming Sunday....flying up here to go to court on Tues. morning. Despite the seriousness of the charges...D is not really worried about it. (?) I asked him why and he said..."All I can say is that God made me feel like I shouldn't worry about it." Well..that works for me...I'll just keep trying to have that anxiety stay on the shelf , at least 'til next Tues. morning as we enter that (damn) courthouse...again. : ( He IS continuing to do so well....can I hear a hallelujah ? Yes...I could change, but I'll take it.

D is continuing to work on the steps...and talks to his sponsor every day (God bless that guy) and reacts to the daily ups and downs of life in a way that I really haven't barely ever seen him do...well, qualify that, not this consistently. And, also with a maturity that I surely haven't seen before. He even went through a most terrible experience the other night (via phone) with a suicidal friend (from back here) that called him to say good-bye....and weathered that with amazing coping skills. (That friend is alive...but I'd not say well, at this point).

Meanwhile....he still has his job at Pep Boys, but was just told...not for much longer. Apparently, although D has "been great at customer service and works very hard"....his knowledge on car parts is not up to where it needs to be. As D told me,...I love cars...but not all the parts out of the cars. He hasn't grown up working on cars or knowing all of that, and apparently, that shows and it's an issue. Fortunately, his boss told him that he'd give him an awesome recommendation and can even keep his job until he finds a new one. And....what do you know...his phone rang this morning with an offer for an interview tomorrow morning a fast food place. He'd applied at the place quite awhile ago before his current job. He texted me at school/work, quite excited about this, saying...."hey, I know fast food". : ) much as I'd love him not to be in a restaurant or fast food place (lots of people who use work in restaurants....I know, I worked in them for years)'s another job and having a job is very good for him. He plans to just be upfront with them in the he knows they'll do a background check anyway.

So, less than one week before he goes to court (April 12th) on a charge of possession of cocaine, a felony. With as great as he's doing....well,...just holding my breath.    We did get him a round trip ticket....power of positive thinking,......


  1. Sounds like your son is doing pretty good and that is always awesome! Good for D!! God is in control and everything happens for a reason. I will be praying for a good outcome in court on Tuesday for D. I would ask that you please pray for my son who is also in the midst of very serious legal trouble. Thanks, kristi

  2. Glad your son is doing well and also pray for a positive outcome in Court!

  3. Best of luck to D on Tuesday. He will be in my prayers. It sounds like he is on the right track. I'm very proud of him.

  4. He seems really serious about his recovery. It is so vital (IMO) he keep in close contact with his sponsor, that is very encouraging.

    He must be special for the boss to allow him to work until he finds another job. That speaks highly of him.

    Will keep you both in my prayers.

  5. thanks so much for all of your comments...and prayers !