Monday, January 31, 2011

getting better all the time.....

I've been busy and haven't posted recently, but each day, D sounds better than the last one. He's connected with people in his new half way house, and has actually been having some fun. He's gone bowling, to a huge recovery get together/dinner, ....some other things too. He sounds more and more thoughtful and mature (!) in each conversation we have with him,'s quite remarkable. I don't know any other way to put it. He is patient, accepting, forward thinking, considerate, follows through,....he's even reading novels as well as non fiction books ! I can't tell you how major that is....but then again, those of you that read these blogs most likely really get that. : ) His current daily challenge is securing a job...still. He thinks he may have one at a local Pet Boys where he is (perfect, his first word was car)...and he's hoping that will happen within the next few days. ...I'll keep you posted,...but we are currently THANKFUL ! What is working for him SO much is he's really into NA, and for him, that is what works so well. He just also began individual therapy and hopefully that will progress well....we'll see. Now we look forward to him coming back here on the 25th for court, but are holding our breath on that one. With him doing so very well.....we hope that goes well too. It would totally stink if he was convicted and put into jail at this point, but I can't control that , obviously. As we all know, one day at a time.....
Thinking of all of you and praying for all that suffer....addicts and those who love them.
Peace to you.


  1. It sounds like D is has made the choice to work on his recovery. I noticed all those changes in Keven when he finally started taking the 12 Steps seriously, going to meetings, having a sponsor, etc. Its a beautiful thing to see a young man start to mature (since addicts have a lot of catching up to do in that area).

    I hope he is not convicted...that's a tragedy when someone doing well (like Ron's son) gets dragged into jail for a prior incident right when they were making progress. But, even under those circumstances D can choose to keep moving forward.

    My son's fate will be revealed next Monday when his drug test results are in. He told me that it was a "slip up" not a relapse and that there is a difference according to N/A. I am working hard not to think about it.

    (I know I said it before, but I just love this photo!)

  2. thanks Barbara :) And yes,....we hope it goes well in court. I hope that Keven will do well on Monday....and that's the last thing you need worry about that.
    I agree....the blossoming of maturity is a beautiful thing to watch ! And yeah....he told me how much he misses the dog ! LOL