Monday, January 17, 2011

People, Places, and Things

Well,...what do you know ? D did make it happen....he changed his living situation, went to a new half way house today. He continued to be concerned about those around him, where he lived, that were obviously using. Even though one guy was kicked out of the house on Fri.night, there were a number of them there that were still actively using, ...although the director of the house wasn't aware of it. D didn't at all feel comfortable in telling the director, because of what backlash was possible, ...due to the consequences of homelessness for those guys if the director of the house found out, and the guys thought it had been him who told him. So....D has been talking the past few days to the director of another house, who was also a counselor at the treatment center he was in recently, and was able to get a spot at this other house, about 20 mi. away from where he was. The director of the first place didn't take it very well,...and even called me to find out if I knew he was changing his location, which I assured him I did. It was a bit weird because neither D nor I were actually telling him the real reason,...and I'm not sure that I feel o.k. about that either. But I also think that D isn't exaggerating the threat to him if he "rats out" the other guys....ugh.
Anyway, the bottom line is that what I see the most of with D now is the priority of recovery for him....what a beautiful thing ! And also, no money was lost either,...for him changing locations, because the first place is refunding the 2nd 2 weeks payment that was already paid. He'll also have some help with transportation in the new place, to find or get to a job,...go to a counseling appt., etc..

Believe me, I am a realist,....and if you'd been on this 4 yr.s plus journey with D, you would be too,...but I'm also remaining hopeful right now.....and that's o.k.


  1. Such great news! It does sound like D is serious about recovery. Lot's of good signs.

    For me, I would not have said anyhting to the director as I have learned to allow natural consequences to fall in place. It won't be long and the director will find out the truth on his own.

    In prayer for your son and all who suffer from this disease.

  2. I am proud of D!!! He's making very good choices and I don't blame him one bit for not ratting the guys out, you never know what they will do.

    Lets hope for continued good decisions!