Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's Home !

D came in on the plane today...I picked him up at the airport , late afternoon, after work. His friend was going to originally pick him up at 1:30 p.m., but the plane was delayed for 2 1/2 hr.s, so I told him I'd get him after I left school/work. He was already out on the sidewalk as I pulled up in the car. I got out of the car and he ran up to me and hugged me, and started to cry. With that, I cried too and we just kept hugging. I kept thinking of how he was when we left him there to fly out over 2 mo.s ago.,, he sure looks and is acting different, in a good way. He remarked on how he didn't think he'd do that (cry),...and I didn't expect that myself either. But just seeing him look so happy and being able to hug him and know all that he's done to work on change in the past months was moving.

We came home and he was happy when the dog went pretty wild upon seeing him..,it was sweet. It's also something how the simplest thing is something you appreciate and is so indicative of how awful it was before. We ate and then were sitting in our family room together....just talking about different things,...him telling his dad about his job, we were watching part of the news together on t.v.. He asked to use and did use his father's laptop and was playing a song for me to listen to,....just hung out on the sofa with us,....talked to his brother. He even went into his room and got some jeans that he'd left here and was trying them on to see if they fit....was asking my opinion,...just normal stuff that a 19 yr. old son might do, ...if he's not only either not home or in his room without coming out,....which is how he was before.

And now.....a good friend ( a girl who loves him and doesn't drink or do any drugs at all) came and picked him up and off they went for meet up with another friend of hers at his house, where D may even play his drums. Unfortunately, D pawned his within the last couple of months before he left. : ( D is a pretty good drummer and seeing those drums gone one day when I came home was a thing I'll never was like a punch in the stomach. He loved those drums, cymbals, etc.,....and they were good ones that he'd saved for.

So, that's what's happening tonight. It's hard not to be anxious really is. But I'm going to offer up a prayer and that will be it. There's nothing else I can do anyway.

My husband is taking off tomorrow and will take D to the DMV to take the test ,etc. and try to get his license back.....he has the go ahead to do so. He hasn't had a license since Sept. 2008 ! Then we'll all meet with his lawyer at 3 p.m. and it's on to court on Fri. morning. IF all goes well,.... D will fly right back to Florida on Fri. evening. It's one hell of a week around here. I just pray that D can continue on the very good path he's on right now.

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  1. I remember coming home to find Blake's drums gone and all of his guitars. Oh and my bike just for good measure I guess. It broke my heart. Then he went on to sell his really expensive tricked out bike, all of his skateboards and really who knows what else. So much talent wasted for a drug. I hope that B will follow D soon. B is 20 I just want him so bad to figure it out before too much longer.