Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coming Home

...and so we begin the week again....but this one will be different, for D is coming home on Wed. afternoon. He flies in then, and will be picked up by a friend from home here,..a girl that isn't "bad" for him to be with,..a good friend that cares about his well being. His dad and I will both be at work, which bothers me, because, of course, I'd rather I got to pick him up myself...or my husband.

His dad will take Thurs. off from work to bring him to the DMV and get his license(hopefully),...since he hasn't had one since Sept. of 2008, when the judge first took it away. After that, they'll just spend the day together and on Friday,...we'll all go to court for the preliminary hearing. Of course, we all hope that goes well and if so, he'll fly back out of here that very same afternoon. We bought a round trip ticket....thinking positively.

but....I must admit,...I'm nervous,....about him being here at all, and of course, what will happen in court. I know,...welcome back to anxiety-ville,..ugh. I'm trying to be peaceful and accepting and knowing that none of this is anything I can do anything about.


  1. wouldn't it be nice if we could not constantly worry about what the Judge will say or do, will they go to jail, will they stay clean, are they using but keeping it from us, do they even really want to be clean, are they lying and on and on. I don't know about you, but this is just not the normal stuff ANY of my friends go through with their children. He is my oldest and I pray as much for Blake and I do that Tyler won't follow that road. It really does seem that it will always be in the back of our minds. Even when they have reached years of sobriety. And through all of this we have to be remain in a place of love not enabling. Not easy to do! Have a great week with your son. I be heading to Court Friday with mine.

  2. I remember a similar time with my son. When the time was "right" I sat down with him and asked, "What are your expectaion from your mother and I?" His response was an eye opener for sure and when he would ask "difficult questions" I found that by responding that I would need some time to "process" his request -- this allowed me the time to make the best decision(s) possible for me.

    Just my opinion -- in prayer for all our children.

  3. I hope all goes well. It seems like we are either being anxious or trying not to be anxious which takes up just as much emotional energy and causes almost as much discomfort. Ugh.

    Let us know what happens!