Monday, February 7, 2011

good day

D called today and he DID pass the drug screen and DID begin work today,...he was so happy to get going on it ! I know this will be so good for him, and in a lot more ways than in making money. For him to have a purpose and feel productive and be earning money of his own to pay for some of his expenses will be great for him, just in how he feels about himself.

Speaking of how D feels about himself.....he went through EMDR today with his therapist,...just began to be treated with this. I don't know how many of you know of it or have been involved with it. It's a newer treatment tool that frankly, sounds odd, but is supposed to be quite effective in treating negative emotions and feelings that are persistent, ...even used to treat PTSD. He said that surprisingly, he did feel really good after going through the treatment. He was asked to think about negative feelings of self esteem,...imagining a situation where he felt badly about himself (how common would that be for addicts?...quite)....and even had to voice aloud what he was feeling about himself. At the same time, he was treated with the EMDR , it to see what it's about. As I said, it sounds quite odd,...even a bit unbelievable,....but is supposed to be quite healing and effective. I hope that it is. Today, I am grateful for his progress.....and for taking steps forward , working on my own.


  1. Keven was getting EMDR treatments for PTSD and his therapist cautioned me that she had to go really slow with him. At that time he was not using, but very unstable. I think it did help but unfortunately he relapsed and we stopped seeing that therapist. I think there is something to it and hope it helps D!!!

  2. thanks Barbara,...D is feeling really positive about it,, we'll see

  3. What is EMDR? Congratulations to D! That is great for him and your family. I am sure a job will help him tremendously in all aspects.