Sunday, March 25, 2012

smiles for a POA

   I haven't posted so much,...mainly, because until today, I haven't had my laptop and can't stand writing anything of any length on the Ipad,...with the tedious "typing" it requires. Seems my laptop acquired one of the worst viruses...and despite us having the extra paid for protection guarantee from the beginning, we ending up paying out of pocket to get it all corrected. Anyway, it's fixed !!  : )

    As you know,..with addicts, there have been many ups and downs, but for is doing WELL.  It's quite wonderful, considering what just went on with his most recent relapse.  This is a short post and I'll get to the ups and downs later. 

   But let's just say...I heard from him today and tonight.  He was attending an NA convention for the weekend. He'd gone with a bunch of guys from the sober living house he's living in. He was very enthused, and related the various things he'd experienced and attended and heard.  It was all so good, and he was so happy and telling me all about it. It was "music to my ears"...very good music, to hear him get so much out of it.

  All I can say is I'm very, very grateful.  That sums it up. 
   Continuing to pray for lasting recovery for my D and yours, from this dreadful disease.


  1. I am usually trying tomcatch up on blogs just before I go to sleep and on my iPad. And yes you are so right, I will only make comments from the iPad as much as I love this little gadget typing is a pain.

    I am so happy to hear that he is doing so much better. Relapse is so scary for everyone. Thank God he is working on his recovery.

  2. "music to my ears" is a great description! What happened was short..and he pulled HIMSELF back. Very good news;)

    1. I know Lou, completely horrible & self destructive as it was,.....he DID pull himself back. It's miraculous. I'm SO thankful.

  3. So happy to hear this! Keeping positive thoughts for you guys!

  4. :-))) Where there is life there is hope

  5. I've found some of the best lessons are learned in the's just hard to go through them. Happy for your family

  6. I don't do well with the ups and downs. I can't see the ups because I'm either stuck in the last down or waiting for the next one. You, on the other hand, are very calm, hopeful, and in the moment. Keeping you and your boy in my prayers, Beach.

  7. Thank you all. The prayers are especially appreciated. It's funny to hear you describe me that way Dee,..but yes, I do feel that way right now. It may sound strange, given how horrible it's been so recently. But I SO know D,.., & I can tell how well he's doing right now, it does give me hope & I'm calm about it. The main thing is that he made a GOOD & different choice since he went back to sober living,...& since then,...which is also very KEY,...he started his medicine again, anti depressant.

    Thanks again for your comments, support, & prayers.

  8. Good news about your son -- it must be so hard to see him struggle. Seems like relapse is pretty common in recovery, but hopefully he'll stay healthy and healing.

    Just read a story that might resonate with you -- check it out:

    Best wishes...