Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I think he can,...I think he can...

D's still in the sober living house,...doing all that's recommended he do to work on recovery. Praise God I say. It's veeeery early on yet,,,I know. But he's taking the steps he's needing to take to work on his recovery. In the last couple of days, I've had a couple of encouraging statements from the house manager where he now is living again. One was on the phone when he said,.."D's very well liked here,..within the recovery community of people that know him. There are a lot of people that care about him & his recovery ". The other was a very short text to me last night as I was going to bed. He said,"he's doing good "

Those words meant so much to me. The guy that wrote them,,the house manager,...a very long time alcoholic, that once lived in a tent in the woods to be able to just drink all day,..gave me some peace & hope.

God bless addicts that give it away to help other addicts.

God bless my much loved son & those you love affected by addiction..including those of you that love them...


  1. "He's doing good": How a few words can make a difference to each of us. Bless that house manager for his text! Praying for your family!(and all others dealing with addiction).
    Shelley in SK

  2. I am so amazed at some of the wonderful, caring, sincere people I've met that have helped my family. That house manager is an angel.

    Keep the faith, Beach!

  3. God bless your much loved son and his much loved mother. As Dee said...keep the faith!


  4. And one day that could be D making that phone call to another's ALL possible. I find the addiction community to be the ones who live their faith so fully and hard as it is to join this community I am thankful to witness the kindness, love and hope that it's members give.

  5. I am so happy to read this. Every little step he takes towards recovery is a huge step for him.