Friday, April 6, 2012

Alive & well

Just so you know,...if you've heard the terrible news about the F-18 crashing here,...I'm alive and well. However, it did crash about 5 miles from my classroom where I now am. It hit right at the entrance to my older son's former apt. complex. He just moved out of there to a different place last weekend. We can see the smoke from my school here. Fortunately, the pilot & backseater ejected safely, but I'm pretty sure that there will be people dead & injured, considering it hit apartments. : ( I'm here without students, working on report cards. Therefore, I put the tv on & am watching it all. Just terrible. We're all used to these jets overhead all the time & know this could happen,....but go about our daily lives not thinking that it will. God bless those affected. As we all know well,...ya never know what each day will bring.


  1. I'm hoping by some miracle no one was killed....
    Great reminder about cherishing each day because we never know what will happen (especially those of us with addicts.....)

  2. Long time since we've read anything from you. Hope your boy is doing well (and you too Dawn).