Friday, September 28, 2012

He's here

Just thought I'd check in briefly.  SO busy this week !   We're gearing up to the big  day and it has been quite hectic, but in a very good way.   We've had the grooms family here since Mon. Night,..nit staying here at our house,but very close by, & getting to know them & their other family members & friends.  They're all so wonderful !   It's amazing to me, least 35 of them have come over here for the wedding, just think what that takes in time, effort, travel, & $$. Lots of $$ to be here.   It's beautiful, to bond these 2 families & members of different countries, all of the love of our daughter& her fiancé.  We've all been having such a wonderful time.  I'll elaborate later once the wedding is over

 So,.....onceI heard it from the house manager yesterday, that D tested clean (Yaay),  ...we gave the green light for him to come & he arrived about noon today. We had a by gathering here at our home tonight, with many family members & friends, & so far, D came through. He was pleasant & social, & polite & interacted w/ everyone's, getting to know the groom's family etc.  It would be easy for someone to be fooled into thinking it is impossible for this young man to have been smoking crack & almost homeless less than 2 weeks ago,...& very desperate.

   Please let the rest of the weekend go the way today & tonight have been for D & for us...


  1. This makes me so happy. He will do it, he will come through for all of you! :) I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Blessing on your daughter and her soon to be new husband. May this be the weekend of your dreams. You deserve it!

  3. I am so happy for today for you. I am praying the rest of the weekend goes just as well and as beautifully. It sounds like he knows this is a biggie....if he messes this up, there could be some significant damage that will be hard to repair. It sounds like he wants this to be good for everyone too. I can't wait for pictures too! :o)