Friday, December 2, 2011

Ups, Downs, and Gratitude good as our Boopa seemed to be doing.....scary stuff happened today.  This morning, he went to the bathroom at the hospital and on the way back to bed,...passed out. Once back in bed, he began to vomit a lot of blood, and it wasn't good, in a big way.  He was put into ICU, and required a transfusion, due to the loss of so much blood.  My husband, Steve, texted this to me at work...and I tried to pray as much as I could, while doing what was needed with my surrounding 2nd graders. 

  It ended up that the doctors had to go in and again do the procedure that was needed to originally remove his blocked duct, find where the internal bleeding originated.  Fortunately, they were able to do that,  ...put in 2 staples and cauterized the area of bleeding...then back to the ICU for at least 48 hr.s.. After that,  he should be moved back to a regular room or  "released and sent home"...aagh.   I don't really like the sound of that already...but also know that the hospital is not really the place you want to be....healthwise/ possibilty of infection, etc..

  But geeze....what he's been through...mind you, starting out as weak and jaundiced as he was, wouldn't be an easy process for someone younger and much stronger...never mind a weak and jaundiced 85 yr. old.   My poor mother in law....what a tough day or number of days, she's had,...that's an understatement.  She is very oriented to anxiety as it is....never mind this.  Speaking of that....that whole part of the family is the link to a lot anxiety...with her and many of her side,...D comes by that very honestly/genetically.

   That's the latest....and we're grateful he's still with us.  Again...thanks for listening !!


  1. Not good. I'm praying things turn around for Boopa and your poor mother-in-law. Thanks for keeping us updated. I know how hard it is to stay positive and cheerful with a class of young children when your world is falling apart. Prayers are sent for you, too.

  2. Super scary. I hope things improve with time. Boopa knows he's loved by his family, sometimes that can help a person heal faster.