Thursday, December 1, 2011

got it done.....hallelujah

Well,...D texted tonight....said he'd just left Goodwill and FINALLY got his community service hours DONE, prior to the Dec. 7th deadline.....yaaay !!   IF he hadn't finished on time, it would have meant a year in jail !  After all he's been through,....after all we've been through, and how far he's come, and how forunate he was to not end up with a felony charge for cocaine and having it reduced to a sure would have been nuts to have let this not get done.  He only had 25 hours of community service to do !!   He's had 6 MONTHS within which to do it......and yet...the last week.  OK, OK, I know...he got it done,...I will focus on that but still....geeze.   Now, hopefully he'll get the documentation to the right people on time....aagh.

    On another note....and a thankful one, my father in law continues to improve and is doing well, other than a high white blood cell count.  Of course, I don't like to hear that....but will remain positive as we wait for the biopsy results.  Thanks for your prayers,...and thanks for "listening".  : )


  1. We have the same kid!

    ...that it all.

  2. Procrastination seems to be a common trait among addicts!!!

    Glad to hear Grandpa is improving. Keep the positive attitude.