Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad News

    Got a phone call this afternoon from my mother in law.  She wanted to talk to Steve/my husband,....asked if he had his cell phone.  He'd just left for the gym...hadn't taken his phone with him. I said I could go to the gym and get him,'s not far from our house.  She said, "yes,...if you could, and have him call me. "  I asked if she was o.k,. and she said she was,...that it was kind of a long story.  I knew right then it wasn't good, obviously. For her to even let me "trouble myself" to go and get him (which it wasn't any trouble to do),..., my heart sank right then.   I did get him, he called her...and the bottom line is what we feared.  Boopa's biopsy results are back and it's cancer.  : (     I don't know if that's pancreatic cancer, or liver cancer...or what, but obviously, it's very terrible news.  We now wait to hear results of more tests that are being done.    They did say it was in the early stage.    We've already decided to go up there this year  now for Christmas.   I'm hoping we can get D home from Florida to be with all of us. That just depends upon him getting off from work.    I am hating the thought of telling our daughter in Australia.  This will be very tough for her to hear.  She absolutely adores him, and it's very hard to be as far away as she is and hear this type of news.  Thanks again for listening.


  1. So difficult when we are spread out as a family. And you are having a rough year, extra hard at this time. Thinking of you..and praying as many of you can come together as possible.

  2. Damn it. I was so hoping this would not be the case. I hope D can get the time off. I feel bad for your girl, at least she has her fiance there to comfort her. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I am so sorry. I wish the news were better. Anytime you want to share fun stories of Boopa, I'm ready to read them. {{hugs}}