Saturday, May 28, 2011

step 1....again

D called today, after work.  Can you believe that they gave him that job back ?  Just goes to show,...the boy has charm when he is in his right mind.
    And yes,,..I've heard from him regularly since he first got back to FLA. on  Wed. night.  Today was the first time that I felt good about him saying that he really is starting over on his road to recovery.  He already had said that he'd told his sponsor about everything once he got back to FLA., but I wasn't sure whether or not I would buy that....all recent things considered. 

   Today, when he called, he said that in addition to telling his sponsor, that he'd now also told his house manager....of the sober living house where he lives.  That was what he was afraid of doing...thinking that he may be kicked out.   Well...amazingly, he wasn't, but was put back onto a plan for those who are in early recovery from where he'd been for the past 5 months...rightfully so.  He was moved out of the single room that he'd advanced a triple room, and is now not allowed to go anywhere without another house member with him, other than to work.  He also has to hand over his paychecks to the house manager, who will dole out his money $20 at a time. (GOOD )    Of course, of course..this could be bullshit...but my gut feeling is that it's true...and we can easily call his house manager to verify. He's given us his number before, and I think we will call him to do that tomorrow or the next day. 

     All I can say is that I do know D wants tough as it is for him to achieve and continue it.  Time will tell, but this kid really has gotten some big breaks.  I've got to think that our prayers have been heard and that there's a chance for him to get back on the right track and keep following it.  That's what I'll keep praying for.....for D and for your addicted children too.

  and also...he's on a payment pay me back every dollar that he took from me.  Time will tell on that too....if he doesn't , I certainly won't continue to help him financially.


  1. We just have to count our blessings for every step they make FORWARD. I think it is great that he told them the truth. When mine relapsed in Sober Living he just left even though they were not going to kick him out. There was another guy there that was shooting H and Blake of course found the guy that was using to be friends with. There is not way to protect them. Sober living is addicts and there will always be some that will use.

  2. Back on track, praise GOD! That is all we can hope for with our addicts, that when they fall they pick themselves back up. YES, D!!!!

  3. I'm glad that he is back on track. Taking responsibility for actions is a hugh step for an addict. I am wondering (because I was exactly where you are at one point), what is the value in you calling the House Manager? What will it accomplish in terms of supporting D in his recovery? Just something to think about!

    I continue to pray for D and for you and for all of our families and friends.

  4. Lisa, I know you didn't ask me, but I would think it would be to find out if there really is a recovery to support. (at least that is how I'd feel)

  5. Yes, Notmyboy is would be to make sure he's telling me the truth. Usually, for a long time now...even before he started his recovery this last time(before the relapse), I had stopped doing all those things to check it all out to know the truth. For I'd found out that if he was lying(or using...they went together), within a short time period, it became obvious anyway. But since we're paying for the sober living place and helping with some other expenses(dr. appt. co-pays for example), I just want to be sure he's only able to access $20 at a time as he's saying.
    But Lisa, I welcome your comment, for comments help us see these situations out of other eyes besides our own. We all know how much the comments mean to us , so thank you to all of you.

  6. I think our prayers are heard. I do pray for your son as I do specifically for others whose blog I read.

    I have called the "house manager" before also to make sure I wasn't being lied to etc.

    My son owes me over $100,000 and has yet to make even one small payment!! :) I keep wondering what I'll do with all that money when he pays me back.

    In prayer for all our children.

  7. wow VJ...that is a LOT of $ ! Truth be told,...we've spent about $70,000 related to D's addiction....pretty sickening really. In fact, that doesn't include some of the smaller, these recent plane flights...I could go on and on and on.

    THANK YOU for praying for D !! I really really appreciate it.
    And, yes....I'm hoping you're a guy with a great nest egg from your son one day....we can hope for that too. But I know his recovery would be more of a gift to you than that. I'll continue to pray for him too.

  8. Good news all around..and yes, I personally would call the house manager.