Thursday, March 24, 2011

keeping on keeping on with hope

I'm thinking that so many of us,....besides being so damn strong....and come on, we really are....have what I'm calling a stamina for hope. Because boy oh boy,....despite a LOT of evidence and experience that is contrary to that when you love an addict.....we still do least most of us do, from what I read and know of all of you. That doesn't mean that we can "make it better",...for we know that Step 1 teaches us that we surely can't. : ( And....if we've been able to pay attention to's easy to see from all of our actions and attempts, we're not successful in "fixing" our loved one's addiction. And despite the ups and downs and back and forth of progress for an addict that we love,....and even when our addict relapses and our heart breaks.....most of us still do hope. It is good...we should hope. Never give up hope.

Thinking of all of you who suffer from addiction.....whether the addict or those who love an addict.


  1. Hope is at times all we have. At least that is how I feel. Every comment about my son starts with, "I HOPE". And I agree through all of this we are damn strong. I have gone through devestation, depression, anger, resentment, bouts of uncontrollable crying and now I am just trying to have hope, start trying to work on myself and quit giving him to God and then taking him back.

  2. We hold on to hope because the past we see through 20/20 vision. The images and memories are clear. The future is yet to be seen and that picture can be drawn on any palette.

  3. In my current situation.. Hope is a hard thing. Do I hope for jail time? Do I hope she ends her misery in this lifetime of torment. Do I hope for recovery. Very difficult for me now. Everyone keeps saying "have hope". It's been a long 6 years and not sure I still have some hope left.. might have used it all up!
    Hugs, Kelly

  4. I get that too Kelly....of course.

  5. Hope is all I have left. But when I read Kelly's words above I understand how she can feel hopeless. Six years is a long time to go through this ordeal.

    I love the photo of you, your husband and D. D is such a good looking, adorable young man!

  6. My daughter has been an addict for 17 years. She'll be coming out of rehab the end of this week. I have lost count of the times she's been in rehab.

    I have no expectations. I have no relationship with her (other than speaking about her kids which I've been raising for the last two years).

    If hope is believing that "Yeah, anything can happen". Then I have it. But it sure isn't any active type of feeling. It doesn't keep me on my knees.

    I use to hope that she would just go away and take all the drama with her.

    I guess there are different degrees of hope. Thanks for making me revisit this subject.

    God Bless

  7. I can easily see how you feel yaya....17 yr.s is a very very long time to go through what you have. I'm sure it's been a really painful journey and that expectations aren't what are helpful,...just the opposite.

    Wishing you peace...