Saturday, March 19, 2011

90 is a beautiful number

D texted me early this morning, that today is his 90 days clean. Do you believe, I hadn't counted the days this time to know it was today that was 90. I did realize it was coming up, but hadn't paid attention to counting or knowing exactly when. That's actually progress for me.

"This time", I also no longer ask him if he's gone to a meeting today, or what time and day his therapy appointment is that week and text or call and remind him. I know you're thinking....well, no kidding, you shouldn't be doing that anyway....lame. But the last time he was clean for this long (longer) before relapsing, when he was closer in distance to home, I did still do that, even though he was living in an Oxford house then, and truly was trying to continue being clean. At that time, he had no transportation other than his bike, which he used a lot, and the bus, which he also rode all over. However, we were still much more involved, because often times, the bus schedules and his work schedule and therapy appt.s made it where he needed some type of ride and we did do that, a lot.

Now, D just got a car ....mind you, first of all, he does have his license back, so that all helped lead up to the car. It's an old Honda with 126,000 mi. on it, but it's in good condition and it works....hallelujah. He gets himself back and forth to work....on time (I guess...don't actually know), goes to his therapy appt., meetings, etc. and I'm not involved.....also a beautiful thing. He is giving each paycheck he gets for the next 6 weeks to help pay for his portion of the car(we helped some) and will take over his car insurance totally as of May. He even found the insurance himself and it's less than I thought it would be, given his history. (He did, at one point in 2009, total my car, without a license, nor permission to drive it, 2:30 a.m., under the influence....but I digress.)

We only have guarantees of the future for his staying clean. But do we have guarantees for the future about anything,....whether bad or good ? He admits that he still can have his mind go to the wrong thoughts......but he deals with that in the right way, least, "for now" he is.

Today is a wonderful day and I'm grateful,....for D's progress and many, many other abundant blessings.

I continue to pray for you and those you love affected by addiction.


  1. Such great news! I am glad you took a minute to post and let us know! Keep up the good work Mom! Hugs, Kelly

  2. That is such great news. Everything he is doing is showing that he is working hard at his recovery. It is always so nice to read something positive....well I read the other stuff too because then I know I am not alone - but posts like yours give me hope - okay I will stop. Congratulations to both of you.

  3. Congrats to D on 90! Its a good number and I hope it doubles then quadruples...etc. etc. etc.