Monday, September 5, 2011

my mom

We lost my beloved mom last Wed. night.  I did make it to her bedside in time....7 1/2 hr.s before she passed away, and along with my family members....we supported her journey....kissed her, told her how loved she was/is,...leaned on each other, cried and prayed together.  As terrible as it was,...and also so was one of the most moving and LOVING experiences of my life.  However...I /we already miss her so much.  I've already started to go to call her twice since we've been back home this afternoon.  Still not fathoming life without my mom....


  1. this gives you an idea of the incredible person she was

  2. If I die surrounded by my children, and their children, and others whom I hold dear..I will count it a very good life.

    It sounds like your mother was blessed in ways that cannot be measured or bought.

  3. I am so happy that you got to be with your mom when she died. As you explained, it is a very profound and loving experience. I hope that each day 'the hole in your heart' becomes a bit smaller. May the good memories of your mom lift you up through your sadness.
    Shelley in SK

  4. A mother's love is eternal. Close your eyes and know she is with you always. I pray you find comfort in knowing you were there for her in her final hours. ((hugs))

  5. OH LORI, I am so sorry! Its so painful to lose a parent. Like others said, the way she left from this life, surrounded by her loved ones, knowing how special and loved she was. I like what Lou said about it.

    I'm sending you my love and a hug and if you feel like talking you know were to find me.

  6. I am so sorry about your mom. She was loved much. Thinking of you...

  7. Lori,

    I am so sorry to here about your mom.

    I lost my dad many many years ago but I come to realize I didn't really lose him. I found out my dad just moved to a different place. He now lives in me. I find myself thinking, what would dad do, I hear myself saying the words my dad said to me so many times, I see the skill of my dad in my work. I now know I didn't lose him, just just came to live within me.

    I have a feeling you will find your mother has done the same thing. She will be with you when you are ready to welcome her home.