Sunday, September 25, 2011

back....finally.....and needing info. if possible

Hi all,....I've missed you,  although I've been reading your blogs and commenting, I haven't got myself to blog on my own.  First of all,...THANK YOU for your kind words and support on the loss of my mother. It's meant a lot to me.  I'm still amazed daily that it all happened and she's gone.  It was very quick and it seems like a blur.....and somehow, it still is surprising to me, while also sad and feels like it hasn't all settled in completely yet.
     There's a lot to tell about, and I still won't get into it all yet, for I'm currently busy here doing prep. for school/work tomorrow.  Suffice it to say that D is still CLEAN (yaaay) and has actually moved out of the sober living home he's been in since June.  He's been in one or another of them since last January, so it was almost time, ....but he did move out a bit early, since he'd originally planned to do so in November.  More on all of that later,...but he's doing very well,...working, now living in a house right across the street from the sober living home he's been living in, along with 2 other people in recovery.  He's also planning to begin at the nearby junior college in January,...prob. only 2 courses for the first semester, and still will be working where he is now.
      The info. that I'm asking for is if any of you would share a rehab. place that you would highly recommend.  If it's on or near the east coast, that would probably be best....but I don't believe it has to be.  This info. is for D's best friend, who is living right outside of Wash., D.C. currently,...used to live here in VA. where we do, but his dad got a different job and they moved earlier this year.   D's friend, J, has been to one rehab. before, Caron, in PA.,...which is supposed to be a high quality place, but I don't know if the funds are there to go back to Caron again.  I'm hoping that with his dad's new job, his insurance will at least cover part of it....but what are the odds of that ?  Plus....all of these places are just so very expensive.  I figured I had a connection here on  my blog to a world of info. regarding places that you think are good places, as well as those to avoid.    Our own son has been to 4 of these places, and only 1 would I say is not a place I'd recommend, and 1 isn't around anymore, which was the first place,....a wilderness journey place he went to at 16, for 3 1/2 mo.s..    J is 20  yr.s old, a bright guy,...with long standing anxiety problems, as well as some depression...that is motivated and wants to go.  He's also gay and just came out about that about 6 mo.s ago.
     Anyway,...if you have any suggestions...please let me know and I'll pass them on. Meanwhile...I'll be back very soon to catch up on what's happening with us.  Meanwhile, I continue to pray for you and your addicts.  God bless you all.


  1. Alex went to Valley Hope. . Alex went 3 times inpatient, two different locations. Atchison Ks and Norton KS. His outpatient time was here in the KC area in Mission.

    I would recommend Valley Hope. They are 12 step based. They also have a program where a parent of loved on can attend the same program to learn about addiction or alcoholism, when I went that program was only $70 per day for room board and food for the parent program. Alex's part was through insurance. It was very good for me I attended 4 days.

  2. thank you Ron...I'll pass this on,...I appreciate it.

  3. My son went to the Pride Institute at the Fort Lauderdal Hospital (Florida). It is a gay rehab facility that I would highly recommend. The expereince was transforming. After a couple of convential rehabs, it finally came together for him at the Pride Institute.

    Google them and you can read all about their program. I know my son would highly recommend it.

    At first I thought what difference does it make, gay or straight, but boy was I wrong. This facility deals with issues straight facilites don't need to. It is a safe environment.

    There is alot of after care. So after leaving Pride, he would have to go into a sober living faciltiy nearby to attend all the out-patient programs.

    Hope this helps. Opting for a gay rehab is a vital key to recovery for young gay men.

    God Bless

  4. Yaya,....thank you !! I'm letting him know about it right away. SO glad I posted this ! Keeping my fingers crossed that this can work out for him. Thanks again.'s gonna post again as anonymous...what's up with that ??

  5. DC metro area is a terrible place for addicts. My son decided he cannot live here because of all that is available (plus the friends...)

    We sent him to Oasis in Orange County - very close to Disney. It is a long term program needed for heroin addicts. Very loving environment with many in that age range. They can check whether insurance will pay. The treatment is 90 days (max 20 clients) then they have their own sober living facility which addict must pay for ($650 month I believe) after they start working. Sober living is up to 2 years. I can give you the intake coordinator's name/number if you need it (don't call the 800 number). some info here:

  6. thank you so much too Dee, although he's not a heroin addict. He's mainly an alcoholic(I think) as well as a user of various other drugs. I'll pass this on too. You blogger friends are the best, all are caring and most of all, understand. again...only lets me comment as anonymous, on my own blog...weird.

  7. I know of a good one out here but its too far. Is there a Phoenix House out there?

  8. Beach - I know this request is a week old, but I thought I would pass this info along.

    My nephew is getting ready to go into this long-term program. I never knew it existed and there are multiple centers across the country. PS. Regardless of the name, it is for all ages and the average age is 25-35.

  9. I am so anxious to hear about D. I have been thinking about you and him a lot lately. My son is in Florida now, too. I'll wait for your update...