Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Question

   First of all - thank you SO much for your replies.  Especially thanks to Lou for her e-mail rehearsing her family's personal experience with Narconon.  Narconon is out for my friend's son.  And I forgot - this will be his 3rd rehab - not 2nd,..I forgot one of them.  She's asking of anyone of you know of a place called St Jude's in New York State.  Probably a lot of you have heard of it - who knew we'd all become so well versed in rehab places ?   It's a non- 12 step program, that's obviously atypical - but the reason they're considering it.  Her son, B, hasn't ever really bought into or  connected with AA or NA - so they thought this may be better.  I don't know - is that B's unwillingness to do "whatever it takes" ?   I am not saying that the 12 steps are the only way to lasting recovery ,..not at all - just hoping B is sick & tired ENOUGH to do what's needed to really recover.
    My friend, also B, very special to me.  We taught 4th grade together for 4 years - as team teaching partners.  She taught all the language arts and I taught all the math & science to 2 classes that switched back & forth between our classrooms. When I came to this school I was paired with her to teach - and who knew that we'd hang on to each other for support and sanity through the worst times of our lives, both as mothers of addict sons.  Out of all the other teachers I could have been paired with - I was teamed with this woman whose son's problems began to grow & then just spiraled into a horrible addiction to heroin. He's 2 years older than D,..and then - D was right behind him - like the same age pattern of drugs & trouble.  In fact, although B's been in plenty of trouble, my D's been in more (arrested 6 times. : (. ) -given his former penchant for drug dealing & inability to keep his mouth shut around cops.  Never will understand that one.     But my friend, B, and I related to each other on so many levels - do not know how I'd have made it this far with any semblance of sanity without her - and all of you !!    So what were the odds, as I said, of being paired with another teacher in the school whose son was an addict- right when I needed it most, ...and so did she.  That - Ive always thought was a God thing - just am sure of it, and very grateful for it.

   Hoping B will really turn this around - just as I do for all of our sons & daughters.  Any info on St Jude's- am all ears & will pass it on.  Thanks. 


  1. Have a couple in my group who sent their daughter there. She, and the parents, loved it. Their daughter stayed sober for 3 years before she relapsed. Her relapse was short lived, and she is once again 2 years sober. I have considered that place, too. I just can't afford it right now. If they gave a guarantee, I'd be all over it. :(

  2. Thank you ! And btw - what's your e-mail again ?

  3. in (take this out) box 4 (take this out) Lori at gmail.....smash that all together. hahaha I don't want the spam.

  4. I know they are not really looking for a 12 step program but my son went to a 12 step emersion program and it has been life far 90 is on an estate in the middle of nowhere and called Still Waters.

    If they want to consider it have them give it a try. Son did not want 12 steps always poo pooed he absolutly all in and it is very very affordable.

    1. Hattie - SO glad to hear about your son. :) Thanks for the info. and the link. I am all in favor of a 12 step program too. I'm hoping B will be open to it, and willing to do WHATEVER it takes to change his life and experience recovery.

  5. Sorry a better link

  6. I would recommend a program called St. Christopher's in Garrison, New York. It is a 90 day inpatient but your insurance is charged as outpatient. Quite a few young men( heroin addicts) I know attended there(my son included) and some are still sober to this day. They have a video on youtube.

  7. Thank you ! I'll pass on the info right now

  8. I have a very good friend who went to several rehabs and sober livings and constantly relapsed (meth) and was in her late 40's when she finally went to what she decided was her last rehab or she was going to kill herself.

    It was in Florida and not 12 steps. She said it was the first rehab that made her get to the core of her mental and emotional problems. She never thought she would quit and she said she honestly didn't really have the desire to...Meth was her life. The only reason she decided to go was because her Boss begged her to, paid for it and promised it would not be a 12 step. She has not been to NA or AA meetings ...she is not against them but she did not like them.

    She is 10 years sober now and doing great. I don't know why some addicts do not like the 12 steps but my son is one of them. I wish he would participate especially at his age I think it would benefit him.

  9. Thanks Tori - and that's so great about your friend. I think whether addicts buy into the 12 steps and are helped by them or not - getting to the core of their primary pain is key to lasting recovery - and especially, healing that pain. It is possible.