Monday, October 3, 2011

more info.,....more sadness

Since my last post.....I learned the identity of the young man that died in the tragic accident, and he was another one of my former the same class as the one who was fact, they were best friends.  Billy, who was killed instantly, was only 19,...was not wearing his seatbelt,.....but I'm not sure in this case, if that would have mattered.  It's just all so terribly tragic.  Billy was such a great kid...he really was,....always had a smile,...a real laid back, happy personality.   And now, his friend, Chris,...has to live with the fact that his choices took the life of his friend....that will be a heavy load to carry for him, for the rest of his days.  In fact....the country-ish road they were on was so narrow,....and such a turn,..that going around that turn too fast could be the end of you....whether or not any alcohol was involved.   Just one quick ride home.....and all was then different for them and others, from then on.

   I can remember them both in their younger days in my classroom.  I can even remember just where they both sat,....the things they would say, Billy's handwriting, his freckled smile,  Chris's funny quips. There's another young person that's very injured in the not aware yet of who that is.  A fourth person was not badly injured....but I'm sure will forever bear the scars of that terrible night's experience. 

    My heart is hurting,....for Billy, for Chris, their families, and all who love them both.    Don't we all wish that we could really get into the heads of 19 yr. olds and get them to really know how not invincible they truly are ?


  1. So many lives have been changed, as you said. So many left behind, and those still alive who will have to live with this grief forever.

    It's very hard to reconcile such events..

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Yes, it would be nice to be able to get the message across (especially to the males) that one time of "showing off" or speeding or whatever could kill them. I know Keven was a huge show-off and a speeder and am glad he no longer has a car.

    Sending you a hug.

  3. So sad... so very very sad....

  4. Yes, that was so very sad to read.

    In prayer for all the families.

  5. could you email me about the area of Fla your son is in?